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Spotify streams three times more than a year ago


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Andreas Stegmüller

spotify 2013Even though the music streaming market saw its first victims Simfy and Rdio close down and Apple Music take stage, it seems things are still going well for veteran company Spotify. As the Swedish company announced in its new annual review, its users have streamed about 20 billion hours worth of music, almost three times as much than last year. Back in 2014 7 billion hours of music were streamed. This year, more than two billion playlists were created. The Mix of the Week, introduced this summer, has also received a lot of attention. The mix provides users with new music tips each week. After only five months, the mix service count over 1,7 billion streams.

Back in 2014, Ed Sheeran was the most popular artist. However, this year around he was pushed from the throne by Drake, who garnered over 1,8 billion streams and 46 million listeners. Rihanna was popular female artist, with one billion streams and 57 million listeners. In Germany, Ed Sheeran was top of the pops. With over three billion streams, Ed Sheeran also remained the most successful artist on Spotify. The song streamed most this year was "Lean On (ft. Mo and DJ Snake)" from Major Lazer. The most successful album of the year on Spotify was "Beauty Behind the Madness" by The Weeknd.

19 June was the most musical day of 2015, with users listening to the most music on the day. In turn, 13 November seems to have been the day of the Bieber, with Justin Bieber counting the most streams worldwide on a single day.

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Drake was Spotify's most successful artist of the year

The Swedish company didn't release any new user numbers. Recently Spotify had over 75 million users worldwide, 20 million users pay for a premium subscription. In the next few days, Spotify will show its users their faves of this year. Spotify users can view their own personal statistics - just like last year.