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Cortana comes to iOS, Android


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Alexander Witting

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Microsoft's digital voice assistant Cortana was previously only available on software coded in Redmond, namely Windows Phone, Windows 10, and with trickery also the Xbox One. Rumours have been circulating for quite a while now claiming Microsoft would port Cortana to other operating systems. Microsoft kept its lips sealed - at least until today. Today, the software giant has officially confirmed that its digital voice assistant not only is available for Microsoft's own Windows platforms, but now also for iOS and Android devices. In addition, CyanogenOS is also supported. However, Cortana comes with a hitch. Cortana will offer less features on other systems compared to Windows. For example, the "Hey, Cortana" command will only work on the homescreen or directly in the Cortana app on Android. In addition, Cortana can open programs and apps on Windows PCs and smartphones - but not under iOS and Android.

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Just exactly when Cortana will be available for Apple's iPhone and iPad and Android devices in Europe was not revealed. In the US and China, however, Cortana is available for download as of now from the Apple app store, or Google Play. The digital language assistant is compatible with iOS gadgets from version 8 and Android devices from version 4.1.2 upwards. For CyanogenOS, Cortana will be available end of December, states Microsoft.

In early 2016, Microsoft states Cortana will be integrated into CyanogenOS. The timeframe is a bit large, yet one can expect it will be in the first quareter. In the US, OnePlus smartphones containing the words "powered by CyanogenOS" will get Cortana before the end of December 2015. Microsoft here states functions such as turning WiFi off and on again via voice control, or telling the handset to be quiet, or even completey turning it on or off again. This means Microsoft integrated Cortana a wee bit deeper into CyanogenOS than with Apple iOS and Android.