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Monday, 09. May 2016

Reviewed: Plextor M7V SSD (0)

teaserWith the M7V now also brings a Plextor SSD TLC memory on the market, With the M7V, Plextor now brings an SSD with TLC memory to the market making use of the classic planar memory instead of the newer 3D option. In... [more]

    Wednesday, 04. May 2016

    Reviewed: Acer Predator Z35 (0)

    acer z35 teaser kleinThe Acer Predator Z35 provides not only a large diagonal width of 35 inches but also a solid curve and G-Sync support. Whether that’s enough to make the model stand out in the extremely... [more]

      Monday, 02. May 2016

      Reviewed: Riva Audio Turbo X (0)

      riva turbox teaserRiva Audio want to shake up the compact Bluetooth speaker market with the Turbo X. With Trillium Technology, the device should generate a particularly voluminous and expansive sound thanks to an... [more]

        Thursday, 28. April 2016

        Reviewed: Corsair K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE (0)

        Corsair K70 RGB RAPIDFIRESo far, Cherry MX Red were the standard recommendation for responsive, demanding and fast-paced games. However, Cherry has developed a new... [more]

          Tuesday, 26. April 2016

          Reviewed: Gelid Solutions ZENTREE (0)

          gelid zentree teaser kleinWThose needing to charge more than just smartphones and tablets via USB cables will know the cable clutter that happens these days. As we move past a pair of devices, a whole mess of chargers can... [more]

            Monday, 25. April 2016

            Reviewed: ZOTAC SONIX 480GB PCIe SSD (0)

            teaserWith Intel and Samsung having released the first NVMe SSDs for consumers, it’s time for the smaller producers to follow. The Zotac Sonix SSD uses the Phison E7 controller in conjunction with MLC memory from Toshiba.... [more]

              Friday, 22. April 2016

              Reviewed: Corsair M65 PRO RGB Gaming Mouse (0)

              Corsair M65 PRO RGBThe M65 RGB from Corsair has become quite the popular device for gamers. However, the laser sensor isn’t for everyone. With that in mind, the newly introduced... [more]

                Thursday, 21. April 2016

                Reviewed: EVGA SC17 Gaming Notebook (0)

                evga sc17 test teaserAlthough EVGA is better known for their high-end graphics cards and motherboards, they’re constantly trying to break into new markets. Over the past few years we’ve seen the company offer... [more]

                  Tuesday, 19. April 2016

                  Reviewed: EpicGear Defiant (0)

                  EpicGear DeFiantBefore buying a mechanical keyboard, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is which microswitch you want. However, what happens if you’d like a mix... [more]

                    Monday, 18. April 2016

                    Reviewed: Samsung SSD 850 EVO v3 (0)

                    teaserSome time ago, Samsung announced the next step in the manufacturing process of NAND memory, namely the production of 3D NAND with 48 layers. This should now be seen in the Samsung SSD 850 EVO. With no name change, we... [more]

                      Thursday, 14. April 2016

                      Reviewed: Ozone Strike Battle (0)

                      Ozone Strike BattleThose with less space on their desk still wanting a mechanical keyboard are best to look at options lacking a numpad. A particularly compact offering from... [more]

                        Wednesday, 13. April 2016

                        Reviewed: MSI Vortex G65-6QF SLI System (0)

                        msi vortex test teaserDuring CES 2016 MSI showed off the Vortex G65, a very compact gaming machine that carried a volume of just 6.5 liters, about three times smaller than a normal desktop computer. The cost of... [more]

                          Monday, 11. April 2016

                          Reviewed: Arctic P533 headset (0)

                          Arctic P533 RacingArctic’s P533 is a circumaural gaming header which can be ordered in either a racing or military look. Priced at $74.99, the set should be ideal for games and... [more]

                            Thursday, 07. April 2016

                            Reviewed: ASUS ROG GK2000 Horus (0)

                            ASUS ROG GK2000 HorusWith solid material choice and Cherry MX Red switches, the ASUS gaming keyboard is said to be something special thanks to a long list of features. If we... [more]

                              Wednesday, 06. April 2016

                              Reviewed: SanDisk 32GB Wireless WS4 Wireless Flash Drive (0)

                              sandisk connect teaserSanDisk wants to invent something new with the Connect Wireless Flash Memory Stick. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard a company want to be so ambitious. With the 32 GB... [more]

                                Monday, 04. April 2016

                                Benchmarked: Rise of the Tomb Raider DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11 (0)

                                The talk of the moment when it comes to gaming is DirectX 12 and the added performance benefits it brings. With companies promising added performance, we take the time to find out if it’s true. Not only that, with AMD and NVIDIA both trying to get... [more]

                                  Friday, 01. April 2016

                                  Reviewed: Gigabyte P37X v5 with GTX 980M (0)

                                  gigabyte p37x v5 test teaserWith a height of 22.5 mm, the Gigabyte P37X v5 is one of the thinnest gaming notebooks in the 17.3” class. Inside a brisk Skylake CPU is offered alongside a GeForce GTX... [more]

                                    Wednesday, 30. March 2016

                                    Reviewed: Epicgear Dezimator X (0)

                                    Epicgear decimator XAlmost exactly two years ago Epicgear launched its first mechanical gaming keyboard in the Dezimator. Like so many other manufacturers, Epicgear followed the trend of going with Cherry made switches.... [more]

                                      Tuesday, 29. March 2016

                                      Reviewed: In Win 805 (0)

                                      In Win 805 Not every chassis from In Win carries an insane price tag. The 805 for example will set you back $169.99. Despite this, In Win offer aluminum, tempered glass and a special... [more]

                                        Friday, 25. March 2016

                                        Reviewed: Thermaltake Core W100 (0)

                                        Thermaltake Core W100 With the gigantic Core W100, Thermaltake aims at the higher end enthusiast. Here, the Super Tower Chassis stands out from even the most extreme... [more]

                                          Thursday, 24. March 2016

                                          Reviewed: Surface Type Cover with Fingerprint Reader (0)

                                          Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover mit Fingerabdruck-IDAt the announcement of the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft not only announced a new Type Cover,... [more]

                                            Tuesday, 22. March 2016

                                            Benchmarked: Hitman DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11 (0)

                                            hitmanAs DirectX 12 gains more and more momentum moving forward, companies are releasing patches for their popular DirectX 11 titles bringing DirectX 12 support. Today we’ll be seeing what the two APIs offer on Hitman. So far, the DirectX 12... [more]

                                              Monday, 21. March 2016

                                              Reviewed: KFA2 GeForce GTX 970 Black EXOC Sniper (0)

                                              kfa2 gtx970 exoc logoKFA2 isn’t the most common graphics card brand around. While part of the Galaxy name, the brand sees limited release globally to a number of countries that mainly focus around the... [more]

                                                Thursday, 17. March 2016

                                                Reviewed: Cooler Master Master Keys Pro L (0)

                                                Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro LCooler Master brings RGB lighting and the popular Cherry MX switches to their latest keyboard offering, the Master Keys Pro.... [more]

                                                  Tuesday, 15. March 2016

                                                  Reviewed: OCZ Trion 150 240 GB (0)

                                                  teaserLast year OCZ brought the Trion 100, a TLC based SSD that focused on the price-conscious buyer. About half a year later the Trion series gets an upgrade with the new Trion 150. While still making use of TLC memory from... [more]

                                                    Monday, 14. March 2016

                                                    Reviewed: Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum (0)

                                                    logitech g810 teaserThe Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is the latest trick out of the Swiss companies gaming series. The mechanical keyboard comes paired with the exclusive Logitech Romer G switches and a very simple... [more]

                                                      Friday, 11. March 2016

                                                      Reviewed: Microsoft Surface Book (0)

                                                      microsoft surface book 9 840x215 2Over the last few years we’ve seen an expansion in 2-in-1 devices that bring a focus to separating the screen from the keyboard to offer both a tablet and notebook experience. While... [more]

                                                        Wednesday, 09. March 2016

                                                        Reviewed: Nanoxia CoolForce 2 (0)

                                                        Nanoxia CoolForce 2 Although Nanoxias DeepSilence chassis are versatile with a minimalist design, the new CoolForce 2 comes pre-installed with LEDs and a cool look to... [more]

                                                          Friday, 04. March 2016

                                                          Reviewed: LG 34UC98-W Curved Monitor (0)

                                                          lg 34uc98w teaser kleinAt CES we not only see new TVs, notebooks and refrigerators, but also new displays. One that stood out this year came from LG in the form of the 34UC98-W, a 34” display with a curved... [more]

                                                            Tuesday, 01. March 2016

                                                            Reviewed: Samsung Portable SSD T3 (0)

                                                            samsung t3 teaser kleinThe Samsung Portable SSD T1 was small, fast and looked great. Jump forward a year and the company has introduced an upgraded version in the SSD T3. Let’s find out just what it’s capable... [more]

                                                              Monday, 29. February 2016

                                                              Reviewed: ASUS ROG GL752VW (0)

                                                              asus rog gl752 test teaserWhile we still anxiously wait for our first water-cooled gaming notebook to arrive from ASUS. We got a chance to check out its younger sister model the ASUS ROG G752VT the... [more]

                                                                Thursday, 25. February 2016

                                                                Reviewed: ASUS ROG G752VT (0)

                                                                asus rog g752 test teaserASUS has made headlines lately with its water-cooled, super powerful ROG GX700 notebook. Despite its excessive price point, one can’t deny that users are ready to buy. If you... [more]

                                                                  Tuesday, 23. February 2016

                                                                  Reviewed: ASUS ROG PG348Q 34" Curved Monitor (0)

                                                                  asus pg348 teaserWith the new ROG PG348, ASUS bring a 34” gaming display with a curved surface, G-Sync support and maximum 100 Hz refresh rate alongside other notable gaming features. Whether the latest ROG display... [more]

                                                                    Friday, 19. February 2016

                                                                    Reviewed: CM Storm QuickFire XTi and Xornet II (0)

                                                                    teaserCooler Master starting back in 1992 got famous with a line of cases and coolers. Over the last few years, however, the company has expanded into a line of Gaming peripherals under the companies newer CM Storm label.... [more]

                                                                      Wednesday, 17. February 2016

                                                                      Reviewed: In Win H-Tower (0)

                                                                      In Win H-Tower In a time when $400 plus chassis aren’t all that uncommon, every once and a while you see a truly outrageous premium model come to fruition. Today, that... [more]

                                                                        Monday, 15. February 2016

                                                                        Reviewed: NZXT Manta (0)

                                                                        NZXT Manta The typical mini-ITX case aims to be as compact as possible. Sometimes the motto: Bigger is better comes into play. NZXTs new Mini-ITX Manta is not only spherical, but also... [more]

                                                                          Friday, 12. February 2016

                                                                          Reviewed: Aerocool Dreambox (0)

                                                                          Aerocool Dreambox While it’s clearly a trend that PC cases are becoming more flexible, the Aerocool Dreambox takes it to a whole other level. The Dreambox isn’t a... [more]

                                                                            Wednesday, 10. February 2016

                                                                            Reviewed: Fractal Design Define Nano S (0)

                                                                            Fractal Design Define Nano S It took a long time – but the Define Series finally gets its first Mini-ITX model from Fractal Designs in the Define... [more]

                                                                              Tuesday, 09. February 2016

                                                                              Reviewed: Samsung U32E850R (0)

                                                                              samsung u32e850 1 teaserThe Samsung U32E850 is a display that has been designed for professional use thanks to its first-class image quality, lush 32” size and native 4K resolution. Outside of that, though,... [more]

                                                                                Wednesday, 03. February 2016

                                                                                Reviewed: Thermaltake Core X71 (0)

                                                                                Thermaltake Core X71 The Core X series from Thermaltake offer a focus on more extreme projects. The new Core X71 offers numerous fan and radiator places. Because the... [more]