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Reviewed: Surface Type Cover with Fingerprint Reader (0)

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At the announcement of the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft not only announced a new Type Cover, but promised a new feature: a fingerprint reader for better security access. However, this fingerprint reader... [more]

Reviewed: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro 10 (0)

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Videos and tablets – the fit together is perfect on extended road trips or flights. Back home, though, the devices can be quickly put to the side as we enjoy the same experience on our TV. Lenovo... [more]


Brief test: HSTi Moboplay - small media player (0)

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We are testing another device by HSTi: the Moboplay. According to the manufacturer, this is the world's smallest media player. With 60 x 64 x 13 mm and a weight of 50 g, it is no giant indeed - but... [more]

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Reviewed: RHA T20 High-Fidelity In-Ear Headphone (0)

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Not too long ago we got a chance to review the high-end RHA T10i in-ear headphones and find ourselves extremely impressed with what RHA was offering in the high end in-ear headphone market space.... [more]

Test: Amazon Fire TV (0)

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If you want to expand your TV set in a comparatively simple way by implementing streaming services and special multimedia features, until now you were limited to choosing between Apple TV or... [more]


Reviewed: Gelid Solutions ZENTREE (0)

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WThose needing to charge more than just smartphones and tablets via USB cables will know the cable clutter that happens these days. As we move past a pair of devices, a whole mess of chargers can... [more]

Reviewed: Huawei Carfi (0)

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The connection between Internet and Car is becoming increasingly important. Not only do services now need internet access to offer their full potential, passengers pass time by surfing the internet.... [more]