March 2016

Reviewed: In Win 805 (0)

Not every chassis from In Win carries an insane price tag. The 805 for example will set you back $169.99. Despite this, In Win offer aluminum, tempered glass and a special design. Whether the design is for everyday use, we’ll find out today. The mix of aluminum and real glass draws attention...... [more]

Reviewed: Thermaltake Core W100 (0)

With the gigantic Core W100, Thermaltake aims at the higher end enthusiast. Here, the Super Tower Chassis stands out from even the most extreme Core X models. The fully modular housing is assembled by the user and offers extremely great flexibility. Especially for those who are looking for an...... [more]

Reviewed: Nanoxia CoolForce 2 (0)

Although Nanoxias DeepSilence chassis are versatile with a minimalist design, the new CoolForce 2 comes pre-installed with LEDs and a cool look to move away from the companies “norm”. Nanoxia has brought many housing models to the market under the DeepSilence series. The DeepSilence 1 to...... [more]

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