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Comparison: RAM kits with 1866 MHz


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1866 klein 2Our last comparison saw tests of 1600 MHz RAM, the typical clock speed for Ivy Bridge CPUs. This time, we picked up four kits with an effective clock speed of 1866 MHz for our comparison test. Among our users, RAM with this frequency is quite common, since they cost little more than the 1600 Mhz kits, and are slightly faster. By simply changing the BIOS, the higher clock can be used with any CPU. The test will see four candidates by manufacturers GeIL, G.Skill, Kingston and Patriot.

Our test samples have two things in common: the frequency, and 16 GB capacity. Manufacturers GeIL, G.Skill and Patriot provided modules with a capacity of eight gigabytes each, using two modules per kit. Kingston, however, provides four modules, each with a capacity of four gigabytes. Concerning latency, the Kingston kit is also an exception, since it functions with a latency of CL 9, whereas the competition kits use a latency of CL 10. Prices are in the range of 70 to 85 EUR (88 - 109 USD):

Data sheet
Clock Frequency 1866 MHz
Size 16 GB
Price range 70 - 85 € (88 - 109 US$)

Here is a short overview of the test samples:

GeIL GEL316GB1866C10DC 2x 8GB 1,5 V from 84 €
G.Skill F3-1866C10D-16GAB 2x 8GB 1,5 V from 70 €
Kingston KHX1866C9D3K4/16GX 4x 4GB 1,65 V from 82 €
Patriot PVI316G186C0K 2x 8GB 1,5 V from 85 €

According to this sheet, G.Skill represents the best kit in the test, with the other three being close together. Normally in this class, kits with four modules are a bit cheaper than competitors with two modules, but Kingston gets the bonus of the above mentioned better latency at the same price. We're curious to find out which kit can secure the lead.