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Test: FUNC HS-260 Headset

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Andreas Kaspar

Page 1: Test: FUNC HS-260 Headset

func hs260 teaser kleinWhat originally began with a mouse pad is steadily evolving into a full-line distributor for the gaming industry. We are of course speaking of gaming provider Func, who just released their newest product, the headset HS-260. Although it's been quite a while since it was announced, we finally received a copy for testing. We thoroughly checked out and tested this new headset.

After having released mouse pads, mouses and mechanical keyboards, Func have now completed their gaming portfolio; a headset can certainly be regarded as the fourth cornerstone of modern gaming peripherals. Thus, the peripherals expert has managed an impressive comeback in the last two years. After having introduced the HS-260 headset already as part of last year's Computex, Func stayed true to the saying "Rome wasn't built in one day", finally releasing their headset for reviews. We have high expectations for this headset costing nearly 80 euros.

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Func concentrated on making sure that the HS-260 would be a stereo headset which meets the needs of their customers. The manufacturer found out that customers did not long for a most complex device, but instead a headset that is limited to the essentials and is easy to use. And - this much we can spoiler already - Func succeeded in developing one. The sound experience is of paramount importance, gaming headsets often struggle with the fact that pure headphones provided with an additional microphone are cheaper and sound better. However, Func speaks of a design optimized for gaming sound. What this is exactly we will find out in the course of the test.

In the box, which bears a very typical Func style, we find the actual headset, the cable and the microphone, as well as a second pair of earbuds and documentation material - and that is of course more than enough.

Before we want to start with the actual test, here's a first look at the specifications:

Technical data of the Func HS-260


Driver Size 50 millimeter diameter
Battery life Wired, no battery
Frequency range 20 - 20000 Hz
Interface 3.5 mm jack
Wired remote control Operation at earbuds
Price 80 EUR