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Reviewed: RHA T10i High-Fidelity In-Ear Headphones

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Page 1: Reviewed: RHA T10i High-Fidelity In-Ear Headphones

rha t10i 4We take a look at the top model in-ear headphone from RHA in the form of the T10i. With a high price tag, we figure out today if it’s justified.

Almost every smartphone available offers a pair of in-ear headphones for talking and listening on the go. As so often, though, these particularly headphones aren’t the highest of quality. Aside from a few positive exceptions, it is worthwhile usually to go in search of an upgrade, because even by spending a few dollars, a significant increase in performance is possible.

For those who are looking for something more than a simple upgrade, but instead want to move into the audiophile category, RHA offers a high-end solution in the form of the T10i. A $199.99 pair of in-ear headphones. If you’re looking for a truly high quality audio solution, this could well be the one for you. Let’s take a closer look to see if the associated price tag is justified.

The design

Design is something that can be argued, and while not everyone will always agree on the iF Design Award on products – of which the RhaS T10i has. In this particular case, however, the award seems more than justified. The T10i not only looks good, but stands out from the competition.

rha t10i 4
RHA T10i

This starts with the material. While in-ears are usually made of plastic, RHA offers the T10i in stainless steel, which is manufactured by injection molding. With its brushed finish, the earphones not only look extremely good, but also provide an impression of very high-quality. The housing is made of two parts and has accordingly a seam, fortunately it doesn’t interfere as the transition between them is hardly seen. However, the chosen material also has a disadvantage compared to the usual solutions. The T10i are slightly heavier when compared to most normal earphones at 41 grams. While initially an issue for the first few minutes, after a short time you get used to it.

rha t10i 5
RHA T10i

So that there is no confusion between “left” and “right”, RHA has both earbuds additionally marked with the colors red and blue. While in-toe with the minimalist design that is offered, we would’ve liked to seen something a little more discreet.

One reason that the T10i sit so well in your ear is due to their shape. In addition, the ear hook on the earbud can be adapted to – the cable here is also coated with a thin spring offering a nice effect. The comfort of the T10i RHA is very high, of course this is very dependent on the earplugs used – more on this later.

rha t10i 3
RHA T10i

The manufacturing process offers a high quality feel throughout the high-end headset, something else that is also clear when looking at the cable. Here, a comparatively thick rubber sheathed cables is used measuring at a sufficiently long 135cm. Not only that, the whole structure is again very solid, along with this it’s also the small details that make the headphones stand out. Towards the bottom of the plug we can see a spring designed to help prevent kinking of the cable.

rha t10i 2
RHA T10i

Attached to the right cable we have an integrated wired remote control and microphone. For general impressions, the high quality falls in line with the other pieces here. It is a pity, however, that the cables remote can only be used with compatible Apple devices. Voice quality of the microphone is standard.

rha t10i 7
RHA T10i

Inside the package RHA offer a large number of earplugs that will hopefully suit any type of user. Here you can select a pair that helps offer the optimum position of the T10i – the decision can also play a part in the sound quality. Inside we’ve got silicone plugs in three sizes, two double flange designs and finally two pairs with memory foam. What design best fits will depend entirely on personal taste.