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Reviewed: Riva Audio Turbo X

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Shawn Baker

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riva turbox teaserRiva Audio want to shake up the compact Bluetooth speaker market with the Turbo X. With Trillium Technology, the device should generate a particularly voluminous and expansive sound thanks to an ingenious algorithm and three channels. Whether it happens, we’ll find out today!

Admittedly, the market of mobile loudspeaker solutions is not just sparsely populated. In addition to classic PC vendors like Creative or Logitech, HiFi manufacturers like B & W and Bose have got into the market creating even more competition. With so many companies offering a wide range of options, the question, does it have to even be Bluetooth? Needs to be answered. In the case of Riva Audio, the answer is Yes!

The Riva Audio Turbo X brings with it a contemporary design that will suit most areas. Thanks to a built-in battery the device can be taken outside to let you enjoy some good tunes on a sunny afternoon. Not only that, if your smartphone is running low, the Bluetooth Speaker doubles as an oversized power bank.

Coming in at $299, the Riva Audio Turbo X isn’t cheap. We’ll have to find out if it’s worth the money.

Specifications of Riva Audio Turbo X

Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $299
Frequency range: kA
Output Power: 45 W
Chassis Components: 3x 60 mm + 4 passive bass radiators
inputs: Bluetooth, USB, jack
Dimensions: Satellite: 230 x 98 x 105 mm (W x H x D)
particularities Trillium technique to produce a stereo separation in a single speaker from three chassis