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Reviewed: Riva Audio Turbo X

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Shawn Baker

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Not only are people looking for a good audio experience with their portable audio system, they also want something that looks good. The Turbo X from Riva Audio offers a sleek look that gives its own presence within the room.

Riva offer a black glossy appearance on the top and bottom while the actual speaker unit is made of perforated metal behind a wide band. A silver strip across the base of the unit and the top help loosen the whole look up with a final strip seen down the left hand side of the unit with the Riva Turbo naming.

riva turbox 4
Riva Audio Turbo X

The design fits well into a smartly decorated living room as the Turbo X doesn’t draw attention away from its surroundings. Taking a look at the competition like B and W, the Turbo X follows a similar chic design. Of course, the most important feature is the audio quality. We’ll take a closer look at this a little later on.

The controls are housed on top of the unit with a total of seven buttons. Five of these are relatively small while two larger ones are offered. In addition to the main switch, we’ve of course but two buttons that help adjust the volume while a third button mutes the unit. It’s also possible to enable or disable the Bluetooth signal alongside the ability to do the same to turbo and surround mode. However, the glossy surface isn’t the most convenient as it attracts fingerprints. Accordingly, it’s advisable to directly use the app in most cases.

riva turbox 3
Riva Audio Turbo X

On the back of the unit we’ve got our connector panel. In addition to the power supply, there are two USB ports and a 3.5 mm jack connector. Most striking at this point is the red battery button that must be pressed to charge the battery. On the bottom of the speaker we’ve got a small rubber cover that can cover the connections in mobile use.

riva turbox 6
Riva Audio Turbo X

With mobile use in mind we’ve also got a carrying case that gives you the ability to transport the device safely. Unfortunately, this has to be purchased separately. Initially, the Turbo X leaves a good impression, albeit, not one that really stands out.