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Reviewed: Riva Audio Turbo X

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Shawn Baker

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The Turbo X is the classic wolf in sheep’s clothing. At first glance, one might not think they have a new upmarket Bluetooth speaker on hand. The mixture of a black glossy surface, perforated steel grille and silver highlights throughout create a conservative appearance. While the processing is quite valent, in practice the glossy finish on top is a magnet to finger prints and other markings. Therefore, it’s best that you control the device via the offered app.

The connector portfolio offered by Riva is stocked but not particularly huge. The added feature of a built-in microphone means the Turbo X can also be used as a speakerphone. The large battery also means that the device can run for an extended period of time away from the power outlet. It’s just annoying that a bag for transporting the device is sold separately.

The true strengths of the Turbo X are shown when music is played. The compact Bluetooth speakers sounds not only much larger than it actually is, but also covers a large area. During our testing the Turbo X manages to offer a pleasantly rich sound without the bass coming on too thick or the mid being pushed to the back. Details are finally machined and voice are reproduced in an extremely natural manner. At the same time, the Turbo X does an excellent job of offering high volumes.

Riva Audio add the Turbo X to a market that is already highly competitive and saturated. At the end of the day, however, the company offers a first-class small Bluetooth speaker. Those willing to spend around $300 on a portable audio experience should definitely consider the American newcomer.

Positive Aspects of the Riva Audio Turbo X:

  • Excellent and immersive sound
  • High volume
  • Compact design
  • Splashproof

Negative Aspects of the of Riva Audio Turbo X:

  • Controls with Glossy Finish