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Test: Corsair Neutron and Neutron GTX

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Micha Ober

Page 8: Summary

The Corsair Neutron delivers a consistently good performance: when reading small blocks and at lower Request Depth (1-3), a scenario common to desktop systems, the Neutron SSDs are among the fastest drives we tested. The sequential transfer rates are also very good, with the GTX version of the Neutron clearly performing better than the standard version. The good sequential transfer rates lead to a reasonably good copy performance. All in all, performance in everyday usage is very good, though it should be noted that there is virtually no noticeable difference between current high-end SSDs in this specific operational area.


If you own a system that does not send the SSD TRIM command (e.g. Windows versions prior to 7), you should desist from buying the Corsair Neutron, at least for now, since they will suffer the loss of much of their power in such a system. This behavior may change with future firmware updates, but for now, SandForce drives are still the best choice for the above mentioned environment.

Furthermore, we can't (yet) assess factors such as compatibility and reliability. Although we encountered no problems during our tests, this is of course not representative for the countless number of different systems out there. The only option is to wait for a few weeks or months, until any teething problems are out of the way.

Owing to the good performance of the Corsair Neutron GTX and the fact that even a few previously established records were broken, the GTX version of the Neutron series is hereby conferred our Excellent Hardware Award.

Corsair-Neutron-GTXsPositive Aspects of the Corsair Neutron (GTX):

  • good performance with small block size
  • outstanding sequential transfer rates (Neutron GTX)

Negative Aspects of the Corsair Neutron (GTX):

  • performance collapses considerably (and permanently) without TRIM

Translated by Jürgen Book