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Test: Samsung SSD 840 and 840 Pro Series

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Page 1: Test: Samsung SSD 840 and 840 Pro Series

teaserPlenty of fresh air on the SSD market: Samsung introduces its SSD 840 Series, which is the first Samsung SSD to be released in two variants. The SSD 840 is the direct successor of the SSD 830, and is the first consumer SSD on TLC flash memory that can store three instead of two bits per cell as opposed to MLC, thereby considerably increasing the data density. The 840 Pro on the other hand is Samsung's new flagship, which still uses MLC flash memory technology. In both cases the memory is manufactured 21 nm and is operated by a newly developed controller. In this review, we will investigate at what the SSD 840 Series excels, and where it may blunder.

After Intel discontinued the development of its own controller, Samsung is the last manufacturer that produces all the key components of an SSD himself, including flash memory, the cache controller and the associated firmware. This fact certainly enables them to quickly release new technologies to the market. In this case, it's the TLC memory technology, implemented on the SSD 840.

The latest technology with a fancy design: The Samsung SSD 840 Series
The latest technology with a fancy design: The Samsung SSD 840 Series

As the name suggests, the SSD 840 Pro should be faster than the standard version. Also, the SSD 840 Pro should be suitable for use in enterprise environments and servers. Alongside the SSD itself, Samsung has revised the software, which includes a new version of SSD Magician and a migration tool which will allow a simple clone of the operating system (especially for notebooks, since they almost always have only one drive bay). We will be examining both the performance of the new SSDs as well as the functionality of the software on the following pages.

Summary of the technical data:

Manufacturer and
Samsung SSD 840 Pro SeriesSamsung SSD 840 Series
Street Price 269 EUR (RRP) N/A
Homepage www.samsung.com www.samsung.com
Technical Data
tested Firmware DXM03B02 DXT05B0Q
Form Factor 2,5" (7 mm) 2,5" (7 mm)
Capacity (according to manufacturer) 256 GB 250 GB
Capacity (formatted) 238 GiB  233 GiB
Available capacity 128, 256, 512 GB 120, 250, 500 GB
Cache 512 MB / 256 MB (128 GB) 512 MB / 256 MB (120 GB)
Controller Samsung MDX Samsung MDX
Chip Type MLC (21 nm) TLC (21 nm)
Read Speed (according to manufacturer) 540 / 530 (128 GB) MB/s 540 / 530 (120 GB) MB/s
Write Speed (according to manufacturer) 520 / 390 (128 GB) MB/s 330 (500 GB) / 250 (250 GB) / 130 (120 GB) MB/s
Manufacturer Warranty 5 years 3 years
Extent of Delivery - 3,5" chassis, SATA data cable, SATA USB adapter (kit only)

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