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Roundup: 12 HDDs with 2 TB capacity

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Jens Wrede

Page 7: Seagate Pipeline HD (ST2000VM003)

The Pipeline HD series by Seagate is mainly aimed at use in AV or monitoring systems. With a rotational speed of 5900 rpm, they are much slower than many a desktop HDD. Our test sample is designated ST2000VM003. It features two magnetic disks, supported by a 64-MB cache.

Suitable for its intended operational environment, the ST2000VM003 is very quiet and power efficient. Therefore, it should also be clear that you can't expect miracles in terms of performance. Seagate specifies an operative temperature tolerance of up to 75°C and 24x7 clearance for all models of the pipeline HD series. The rate of nonrecoverable read errors amounts to 1 in 10^15, better by a factor of 10 than regular desktop HDDs. Anyone who buys this kind of HDD gets Seagate's 3-year warranty.