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Reviewed: OCZ Trion 150 240 GB

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teaserLast year OCZ brought the Trion 100, a TLC based SSD that focused on the price-conscious buyer. About half a year later the Trion series gets an upgrade with the new Trion 150. While still making use of TLC memory from Toshiba, it’s now manufactured in 15 nm. While not aimed to break any speed records, let’s find out if the series continues offering a solid price to performance ratio.

Since OCZ was acquired by Toshiba we’ve seen a number of many new SSDs with the company learning from its previous mistakes. One such advantage has been the higher quality of OCZ SSDs thanks to the assured supply of flash memory. While the company had previously relied on multiple suppliers for flash memory at affordable prices, this isn’t something they need to worry about now. The cooperation between OCZ and Toshiba happened at the controller level as we saw the so-called Toshiba Alishan controller for the first time in the Trion 100, let’s see what’s going on with it and the latest Trion 150.

The OCZ Trion 150: A good deal for beginners?

The main innovation of the OCZ Trion 150 is the already mentioned 15 nm TLC memory. This compares to the Trion 100 which saw 19 nm memory used. A smaller structure size brings with it several benefits with one of the biggest being a cheaper price point. In terms of performance, OCZ promises at least the same performance as its predecessor.

Below is the core technical information:

manufacturers and
OCZ Trion 150 240 GB
Street Price $64.99
Homepage www.ocz.com
Technical specifications  
form factor 2.5 inches
interface SATA
protocol AHCI
firmware SAFZ12.2
Capacity (lt. Manufacturer) 240 GB
Capacity (formatted) 224 GiB
available capacity 120, 240, 480, 960 GB
cache 256MB DDR3
controller Toshiba Alishan (TC58NC1000GSB-00)
chip type TLC Toggle (Toshiba, 15 nm)
Read (lt. Manufacturer) 550 MB/s
Letter (lt. Manufacturer) 520 MB/s
Manufacturer warranty Three years (incl. Advance replacement)
delivery -