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Reviewed: Samsung SSD 850 EVO v3

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teaserSome time ago, Samsung announced the next step in the manufacturing process of NAND memory, namely the production of 3D NAND with 48 layers. This should now be seen in the Samsung SSD 850 EVO. With no name change, we should see stock slowly change over as they’re replaced by the new model. Let’s find out what’s going on with the new version.

Many times over the years of SSDs we have seen a company update its memory without making changes to a product name. Unfortunately, customers tend to be the one who end up worst off as they don’t know if they’re buying the updated version or an older one.

Instead of orange lettering the package sees a blue V.

By increasing the numbers of layers of the 3D V-NAND memory, the usual advantage can be realized. A higher packing density that requires less silicon and enables a lower price in the manufacturing process. During a so-called shrink, not all is perfect in the manufacturing process as it often leads to lower durability and reduced performance. This, however, isn’t expected with a “simple” increase in the number of layers. Ultimately, the manufacturing process technology basically remains the same.

The technical data tabulated:

manufacturers and
Samsung SSD 850 EVO v3
Street Price

$87.79 (250 GB)
$149.89 (500 GB)
$291.99 (1TB)

Homepage www.samsung.com
Technical specifications  
form factor 2.5 inches
interface SATA
protocol AHCI
firmware EMT02B6Q
Capacity (lt. Manufacturer) 250 GB, 500 GB, 1TB
Capacity (formatted) 233, 466, 932 GB
available capacity 120 GB *, 250 GB, 500 GB, 1TB, 2 TB **
cache 512MB LPDDR3 (250, 500 GB)
controller Samsung MGX
chip type Samsung 48 Layer 3D NAND TLC
Read (lt. Manufacturer) 540 MB/s
Letter (lt. Manufacturer) 520 MB/s
Manufacturer warranty Five years
delivery -

* With 32-layer NAND ** Q2 / 2016 48 Layer NAND