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teaserWith Intel and Samsung having released the first NVMe SSDs for consumers, it’s time for the smaller producers to follow. The Zotac Sonix SSD uses the Phison E7 controller in conjunction with MLC memory from Toshiba. Sitting on a PCIe 3.0 interface, according to the manufacturer, speeds of up to 2,600 MB/s read and 1,300 MB/s write can be achieved. Whether these numbers can be achieved in practice and how it sits amongst the competition, we’ll examine today in this article.

If you want maximum performance out of your storage solution you must rely on a PCIe solution. While SATA SSDs achieve no more than 600 MB/s, PCIe based devices on the other hand can transfer several gigabytes per second. Simultaneously, NVMe replaces the ageing AHCI interface that was originally designed for hard disks and not fast flash memory.

The Zotac Sonix SSD is the third NVMe SSD in our editorial.

The Zotac Sonix SSD provides read performance that’s four to five times that of a RAID 0 SATA SSD setup while being significantly easier to configure as no RAID controller or additional cabling is needed. The Zotac Sonix SSD is simply plugged directly into the motherboard. The maximum power consumption of 7.27 watts is fully provided by the motherboard. While we’ve seen a number of PCIe SSDs which have SATA SSDs soldered to a circuit board, the Sonix SSD as the drives from Intel and Samsung is a native PCIe Drive. In addition to more power, they also promise more reliability and compatibility.

The technical data tabulated:

manufacturers and
Zotac Sonix 480 GB SSD
Street Price $369.99
Homepage www.zotac.com
Technical specifications  
form factor plug-in card
interface PCIe 3.0 x4
protocol NVMe
firmware E7FM
Capacity (lt. Manufacturer) 480 GB
Capacity (formatted) 447 GiB
available capacity 480 GB
cache 512MB DDR3
Controller Phison PS5007-E7
chip type MLC (Toshiba, 15 nm)
Read (lt. Manufacturer) 2,600 MB/s
Letter (lt. Manufacturer) 1,300 MB/s
Manufacturer warranty Three years
delivery -