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Reviewed: Plextor M7V SSD

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teaserWith the M7V now also brings a Plextor SSD TLC memory on the market, With the M7V, Plextor now brings an SSD with TLC memory to the market making use of the classic planar memory instead of the newer 3D option. In conjunction with a Marvell controller, the Plextor M7V should primarily serve the entry-level market. With a 2.5” drive and compact M.2 SATA SSD on hand, let’s find out just what Plextor bring to the table.

A little less than a year ago we had the Plextor M6V on hand, the predecessor of the now current M7V. At that time, Plextor used the Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller with 15nm MLC memory manufactured by Toshiba. The M7V sees a new controller from Marvell in the form of the 88SS1074. As for the memory, while we still see Toshiba memory manufactured at 15 nm, we now see three bit instead of two bit per cell (TLC).

Colourful décor Plextor's new entry-level SSD M7V.

PlanWhile we’ve seen more and more companies move away from Planerer (2D) memory at 15 nm due to it not being feasible for higher end drives these days. The technology remains relevant and works great for companies looking to offer a more competitive priced SSD for the entry-level market.

Let’s take a closer look at the technical data:

manufacturers and
Plextor M7V / M7VG
Street Price not available
Homepage www.goplextor.com
Technical specifications  
form factor 2.5 inches / M.2 2280
interface SATA
protocol AHCI
firmware 1:00
Capacity (lt. Manufacturer) 512GB / 128GB
Capacity (formatted) 477 MiB / 119 GiB
available capacity 128, 256, 512GB
cache 256MB / 768MB DDR3
controller Marvell 88SS1074
chip type TLC NAND (Toshiba, 15 nm)
Read (lt. Manufacturer) 560 MB/s / 560 MB/s
Letter (lt. Manufacturer) 530 MB/s / 500 MB/s
Manufacturer warranty Three years
delivery -